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Integrated Customer Management System, Calendar, Notification, Map Route, and Ordering System for Activities & Businesses.

Rental | Booking | Shopping | Appointment | Pickup & Delivery | Service Booking

Get Stripe Fraud & Scam guarantee via online payment or deal directly with the vendor and verify for community.

Join as Vendor and Choose Payment by Cash, COD or Online Payment

Flexible payment options for customers. Zero sales commission. Fight scamming and fraud scheme, get Stripe verified and offer high-end security to customers.

Fraud & Scam Guarantee

Offer Stripe Fraud & Scam Security Guarantee to customers and receive online payment via Stripe

Capability Control Management

Owners are able to limit the control capability of Staff & Managers. You may set to approve order before customer pay.

Analytics reports

Analyze your shop visitors on product types, location, supply – and – demand ratio and many more.

Boost Online Presence

.Get found and connected with nearby or far away community. Deal directly without hidden identity.

Work with any business size!

Lone ranger? Rider? big freshmart store with many branches? We got you covered. Vendor mobile apps, Delivery Staff mobile apps and cashier payment terminal will be your best companion. Get notified once it is available. 

Get reviewed by customer & offer promotional events or discounts!

Let customer share and review your business to others in social media and be found.

 Managing Business Online – Less paper usage

Manage the map location, pricing, subscription, stock, inventory, date, time, holiday, notification, calendar, E-wallet, staff and delivery guy all at one place!

Get online financial summary reports to help complete critical accounting & reconciliation workflows in your account. You can view summary reports in Stripe dashboard or download itemized transaction data as a CSV file. 

"It is free, why not?"

– Freelancers

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